All concrete work now complete

Ian’s back and raring to go! We have hit the ground running after a well earned Easter Break. The two remaining upstand sections have now had their concrete poured, which means that all concrete works onsite are now complete. The turbine foundations are ready for the turbines. All that is left to do around the turbine bases is […]

The latest news from Ian…

Porter’s Barn was dismantled today to construct the access track in this part of the site. A temporary access track has been used hereuntil now, as original plans to take the barn down late last year were halted due to the presence of a Great Crested Newt. A local ecologist has been involved throughout the construction to check that […]

A busy week…

It’s been a busy week onsite, and we’ve made the most of the great weather, pressing ahead with the substation and the road upgrades. Since I last wrote we have also completed the remaining upstand sections of the first two turbine foundations. To do so, we firstly had to wait for the concrete to cure […]

Concreting foundations – the process in pictures

The construction of the turbine foundations is one of the most important aspects of building a wind farm. Below is an illustration of the concreting process in pictures for you to see all the stages we follow: 1. Shuttering (yellow in the photo below) is placed at the base of the steel reinforcement and screed […]

The first concrete is poured onsite

Friday, 24 February, 2012 It’s been an exciting couple of days here onsite, and we have now poured the main sections of concrete for the foundations of turbines 1 and 2. Each one took up the best part of a day, and a total of 42 lorry loads of concrete per foundation have made the […]

Images on Flickr

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